Saturday, 18 August 2012

Exam results... poo

So I got my exam results the other day. They weren't terrific nor were they really terrible. I'm okay with them. I didn't cry like I did last time, I almost did though... and I'm staying really positive because I know I can turn them around. But when I go back to school I know I'll have to have a talk with the head of my year and probably all my teachers and I know it'll be the same 'I'm disappointed' and 'why do you think you got these results instead of blah blah?'. And it sucks because then I'll probably cry because my head of year isn't the most supportive person and it's most likely she will try to convince me not to do what I want to do. I'll tell them I want to retake and they'll probably tell me there's no point because I screwed those up (I either got the same grade or lower. But I thought the bio test was easier than the last one which sucks) and then I'll tell them I have a tutor and I'm working even harder to get my grades and she'll be like 'why can't you ask me?'. Because it's your first year teaching this course whereas my tutor has been teaching this course for ages and he's an examiner! You can tell I've thought about this a lot right? I have... I'm quite scared. There's always plan B & C & D etc lol. 

There's my rant. It's a hefty thing isn't it. I'll probably have a proper beauty post up soon. I'm at my grandma's at the moment so I'll be blogging a lot more :)

Ciao ^~^

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sigh... Hello

I constantly lie to myself and say that I will start blogging but I never do. I swear I will start from today. Why? I'm not sure. Because it's my birthday resolution or something? Yeah, lets say that... haha. 
So, like many other blogs out there this will be a blog focused mainly on make up and fashion. Two of my loves that constantly leave me with no money >.< Why do I have to be drawn into such nice things? lol. So yeah, I hope you guys can give this blog a chance and hopefully you'll love it and I will post frequently. I can't promise it because I know the up-and-coming school year will be frantic and stuff. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this (if you have). 

- Au revoir ^~^